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Crystal River Florida

"Scuba Steve" Sign Hwy 44, Crystal River, Florids ~ Photo by Rabbi Phil Davis

"Scuba Steve" Sign on Hwy 44. Crystal River, Florida

Crystal River Sign Highway 19 Crystal River
Crystal River Sign

Crystal River Florida (Fl)

Crystal River
has many wonderful diving and snorkeling sites. Located less than two hours from the Orlando and the Tampa Florida areas, it offers calm, clear, 72 degree water year round.

We choose to train here because we never have to cancel a class due to bad conditions. We dive and snorkel here because of the abundance of sea life. Both fresh and salt water finned critters reside here. Manatees are in the area year round. Just off the docks of the Best Western Hotel and dive center is a dive site known as Catfish Corner a small 30' deep cavern (N 28.53.89 and W 82.35.92).


Facilities at Hunter's Spring, Crystal River, Florida
Bathroom Facilities

Swimming Area at Hunter's Spring, Crystal River, Florida
Spring Hunter's

Saltwater fish in Spring at Hunter's Spring, Crystal River, Florida
Jack Cravalle in spring.

Hunter's Spring

Hunter's Spring (N 28.53.70 and W 82.35.54) is one of my favorite training sites. It is located at the Crystal River City Park.

It has clean bathroom facilities, out door showers, a chilled water fountain, picnic tables and grills.

The swimming area is safe and has the extra added attraction of both salt water and fresh water fish to enjoy. Occasionally a manatee will drop in on the class.

A fifteen foot (15') spring is in the center of the swimming area suitable for Open Water, Advanced and Rescue Training.

Picnic Table at Hunter's Spring, Crystal River, Florida
Picnic Facilities Hunter's

Spring at Hunter's Spring, Crystal River, Florida
15' Spring in Center

Student diving at Hunter's Spring, Crystal River, FLorida
Dive student in spring.


Entrance/Exit at Three Sisters Spring, Crystal River, Florida
Entrance/Exit to 3 Sisters

Student in Spring, Three Sisters, Crystal River, Florida
Student in 3 Sisters

Divers in the Spring, Three Sisters Spring, Crystal River, Florida
Divers at 3 Sisters


Three Sister's Spring

Three Sisters Springs (N 28.53.28 and W 82.35.36) are the jewel of the river. These springs are crystal clear and each is unique. Spring one is 8' to 10' deep, spring two is 15' to 18' deep and spring three is 4' to 7' deep depending on the tide.

A favorite of divers, snorkelers and bathers the surrounding flora and fauna are breath taking. Cypress trees, air plants, spanish moss, palmettos and host of other native plants surrond the spring.

On the coldest winter days, Manatee huddle up at Idiot's Delight Springs just out side of the entrance to Three Sisters.Often at high tide they venture into the Sisters springs to sleep after a long, cold, sleepless night.


View of Idiot's Delight Springs at Crystal River, Florida
Underwater ~ 3 Sisters

Cypress Trees at 3 Sisters Spring, Crystal River, Florida
Flora and Fauna ~ 3 Sisters

Student at Idiot's Delight Springs, Crystal River, Florida
Student at Idiot's Delight

King's Spring, Crystal River, Florida
King's Spring

Mangrove Snapper at Entrance to Cavern, King's Spring, Crystal River, Florida
Mangrove Snapper

Manatee at King's Spring, Crystal River, Florida
Manatee ~ King's Spring


King's Spring

King's Spring (N 28.52.89 and W 82.35.69) at Crystal River is the main Diving and Snorkeling attraction at Crystal River. The spring is 30' deep, but has a cavern that drops to 50'. There is a manatee statue at 19'.

The cavern is a favorite training area for Tech divers and for testing new cave diving gear. The cavern has two entrances ~ exits that are covered with mangrove snapper. The cavern is crystal clear, 50' deep and 50' in length with lots of nooks and crannys to peer into.

During the winter months, hoards of mangrove snapper, mullet, sheepshead, jacks, tarpon and manatee are in this spring at one time. Just east of Kings Spring are Mullet Run Springs, two pretty springs, 8' in depth.

Snorkeling with the manatees, King's Spring, Crystal River, Florida
Manatee Encounter

Manatee Statue, King's Spring, Crystal River, Florida
U/W Manatee Statue

Mullet Run Springs, Crystal River, Florida
Mullet Run Springs


We offer Manatee snorkeling/Diving trips all year long, $30.00 per snorkeler. Snorkel gear not included (rental mask, fins, snorkel $20.00, wetsuit $10.00). Bubble Watchers (riders, young children not snorkeling/diving) $15.00. One tank dive and snorkel with the Manatees, $50.00, dive gear not included (rental BCD $15.00 regulator $15.00, wetsuit $10.00, tank $8.00). We will need the heights, weights and shoe sizes of all participants, as well as a list of gear required by return mail. Wetsuits are required! To sign up for a guided tour please review my calendar choose the weekend/weekdays you want and send a deposit of $15.00 per person (or pay in full)

To sign up, choose the weekend/ weekdays you want by reviewing the Dive and Course schedule/
calendar and send an email to info@scubatampa.com with your requests. We will send additional information and a booking form to you.


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